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“Why do two young college girls set out on such a trip in the first place?”


Have you ever stood on the edge of a shore looked out at the sea absorbed

in your worries

thoughts not really seeing the sea even though your eyes are fixed on

the water

but you’re swimming in your own dark pool feeling anxious bored thinking maybe

you’ll leave

get a drink when suddenly in the distance you catch a glimmer of something you’re

not sure what

so you keep watching looking really looking and then you see it and you’re sure

that glint

is a fin breaking through rising vanishing rising and you can’t take your eyes off

the sea

you’re staring ahead so focused so absorbed in the water the air the creature that

you wait

through heat thirst restlessness just for that flash of life entering light blowing

in air

before it descends and you are grateful so very grateful to be present absorbed in

that moment

when air sea fin merge that moment of synchronicity of wholeness that moment

of why.


Crescent Beach, Florida

and our front tires in the Atlantic.

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